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Monday, March 4, 2013

Thanks to The Bay Area Reporter

Transforming bicycling

With bicycles or relationships, there are three types of people in the marketplace. There are people looking to find their perfect bike, ready for the lifestyle changes that will come with the purchase. There are people who already have a long-favorite bike, but who are looking for a tune-up or maintenance to keep things rolling smoothly. And then there are people who are just looking for a little fun for an hour or two.

Regardless of which category best describes you, the new business A Tran's Bay Bike Shop ( 1 Avenue of the Palms, Building One, Suite 021, Treasure Island) may have the answers you need. (About bicycles, not about relationships.)

Owner Tammy Powers  is ready to help you pick out a new bike, but as a former automotive mechanic Powers is also ready to service your current ride. And within the next few weeks, the shop, located on the beautiful Treasure Island waterfront, will begin renting a fleet of bicycles for visitors to the island.

"Treasure Island is so much fun, and once people finally see it and its beautiful views of the city, they see it's a great way to spend the day," said Powers.

The cheeky name of the shop refers to Powers being a transgender woman.

According to Powers, it was important that her trans identity be a strong element of the business' identity as well. "I wanted to be out there representing transsexuals, and showing that we can be capable, that we can be successful in business too," she said.

A Tran's Bay Bike Shop is currently in soft opening, with a full grand opening celebration featuring a vegetarian feast coming in May. During February, Powers is offering a complete tune-up for $35, with mention of this column.

For more information on sales, service, and rentals, call A Tran's Bay Bike Shop at (415) 678-5323.