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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Great Writeup In the Small Business Bulletin!

Thanks so much--much appreciation for the OSB!

Full interview:

Client Spotlight: A Tran's Bay Bike Shop
Tammy Powers owns the first and only bike shop on Treasure Island, A Tran's Bay Bike Shop. Tammy received assistance from OSB counselor, Christian Murdock and sits down with us for our September "Client Spotlight"...

Q: What type of business do you own and what makes you unique?

A: When people ask me what type of business I own, I jokingly tell them, with a bit of seriousness, that I sell time machines. "Use the product that I sell to you and you'll feel like a kid again." Although said more precisely... I own a bicycle shop. My shop is unique for 2 reasons, first: I'm the only bike shop on Treasure Island, and second; mine is the only bicycle shop in ALL of California owned by a male-to-female transsexual.  Our slogan is "We Love BIcyclists!"

Q: How was the Office of Small Business involved in assisting you?

A: The Office of Small Business has been involved in helping me in just about everything! I never owned a business in SF before and I never went to business school... so I had tons of questions about what to do and where to go simply in order for me to get started. I'm an excellent mechanic who loves bicycles; and because I'm transforming my gender found it difficult to get hired. So I created my own job and am very thankful to the OSB that they helped me accomplish that.

Q: Top 3 reasons for being a small business owner in SF?

A: The top 3 reasons for being a business owner in SF are: 1. It's one of the greatest cities in the world and the never-ending supply of tourists who visit us are a continuous cash flow. 2. The restaurants and entertainment here are second to none. 3. San Francisco warmly welcomes ALL business owners, even those of us who are transforming our gender.
A Tran's Bay Bike Shop
1 Avenue of the Palms #021
SF, CA 94130
M-F 11:00 to 6:00, weekends 12:00 to 4:00

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