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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

5 Great Apps for Mountain Bikers

Seems like everyone has a smartphone these days—and many mountain bikers are bringing the technology on the trails. If you like to mountain bike, and own a smartphone, keep reading for a list of apps that can help you navigate trails, fix your bike, track your workout and more.

1. Atomic Softwares’ Bike Repair ($3.99)

©Atomic Software
Atomic Softwares’ Bike Repair is a practical mobile app that puts bike repair back into the cyclist’s hands. Need to adjust your derailleur, fix your shifting, remove your rear wheel or bleed your hydraulic brakes? There is no need to take your bike to the shop when it’s possible to repair bike problems on your own—at home or on the trail. With assistance from the Bike Repair app, learn how to fix 42 problems yourself, maintain your bike properly and address common bodily aches and pains. Step by step guides and large photos trump long text in this useful application. Visit their website for more information.

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