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Monday, December 16, 2013

Gay Cyclist Graeme Obree Successfully Funds Kickstarter Project For Indie Biopic

The Outsider is one mans epic journey. Can a born rebel, free thinker and genius find his place in the world with a homemade speedster?

"We welcomed one more out sports person this week when Tom Daley revealed he is dating a guy. But a few years ago cyclist Graeme Obree came out of the closet, letting the world know he was gay in 2011, having come out to his family on 2005.

He had a difficult life before that, marked by things such as the tragic death of his brother and suicide attempts. He was also married to a woman and had two sons. However, in sports he broke numerous cycling records and was known for his innovations that took the sport forward, having used bits of common machinery to re-engineer his bicycle. In 2006 a movie about his life, The Flying Scotsman starring Jonny Lee Miller, was released – although that didn’t touch on his sexuality.

Now a feature-length documentary is being brought together, allowing Obree to tell his own story in his own words, mainly covering two years of his life where as a man in his mid-40s he seeks out a new cycling project to challenge himself."

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- Tammy

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