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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Love & Shelter for All: Global Shelter Project

Check out  at the Global Shelter Project!

He's doing great work to end homelessness and promote sustainability.

Here's a little bit of his writing:
"Let's promote local, regional, national and international awareness that we are all better off if all 7 billion and one of us have a dignified access to a gallon and a half of clean water 2000 nutritional calories and 200 ft.³ of secure living space.Data driven studies will provide the areas of most need as well as reflect the causes and potential solutions to this imbalance.Properly observed and engineered, methodologies can be identified and supported for whatever changes our social and environmental climate unveil to us. " - 

Visit Global Shelter Project today:



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    1. Thank you so much I just got this message!! I am now calling my efforts Project 222 A Human Rights Campaign. Facebook @222metoo

  3. Hi! I just now found this link! Four years later! Thank you for the kind words. Please check out the continuing evolution of global shelter project at Project 222 on Facebook. @project222. I look forward to seeing you again soon
    I hope you are well